Never Get Away

Dear mom;

I sincerely hope you die in a fire, at this point. 




To say.

To your fucking bullshit.

Or your passive-aggressive guilt-tripping.






Hi Bunny:

Now that a year has ended and another is unfolding,   don’t you think it is time to clear the slate between us?  We are family sweetie. You and me. We are all we have in that regard. 

So do I want you to be at the wedding of your mother?  Of course I do.   There is nothing to man up about if you can be happy your mother has found a wonderful man who loves her deeply and wants to grow old with her.   It is one less concern for you, if you were concerned.  I know you love me and you know I love you.  If there is any manning up to do, let’s both man up, set the negative vibes aside, as they do not serve either of us and move forward.  Life is too short sweetheart not to.  Your  life will be many years longer  without me than those you will have with me in it.   

You seem to only respond to me if I have to get forceful  or threatening.   That is simply not my style,  but you know that.  So I’ll leave this in your court.   I have not burned our bridge nor spat on any ashes—-that seems to be coming from you—- I keep trying to reach out to you.  I hope I will hear from you. 

anyway, give this some thought.



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